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This Legal Notice governs the use of the web site TECNATOM, S.A., which is accessed via the address (hereinafter, the ‘website’) and which belongs to TECNATOM, S.A., a corporation created through a public deed signed on April 4, 1957 before Mr. José Luis Díez Pastor, Notary, and recorded under number 844 of his notarial record books; recorded with the Commercial Register of Madrid under volume 1208, general 692, section 3, sheet 4239. The business address thereof is Avda. Montes de Oca 1, San Sebastián de los Reyes, 28703-Madrid (Spain) and said entity’s TIN is A-28074078.

This website has been created to raise awareness about, and to allow general access to, the information, activities and services that are undertaken by the TECNATOM Group, being available for all users of the internet, and especially for professionals from the energy, nuclear and industrial sectors.

By surfing this website or using it in any way, you are considered to be a ‘user’ and, thus, your full and unconditional acceptance of this Legal Notice is implied.

TECNATOM, S.A., through its website, provides its users access to certain content made available by TECNATOM, S.A. or by third-party service and content providers. The user expressly accepts that the use thereof is, under all circumstances, conditioned to the user’s sole and exclusive liability.

TECNATOM, S.A. reserves the right to unilaterally modify the layout, configuration or content of the website and of this Legal Notice at any time and without prior notice. These modifications shall be deemed to have been properly made known to the users from the time they are published on the website.

User Responsibilities

Users of the website are obliged to use the contents hereof diligently, correctly, lawfully and in accordance with the law and the conditions set forth in this Legal Notice. More specifically, users agree not to use the website’s contents for purposes that go against the law, moral norms or public order. Likewise, users agree not to reproduce or copy, distribute, allow public access, transform and/or modify any type of website contents (no matter what format the data is in – logical or physical) unless expressly authorised to do by TECNATOM, S.A. or, if applicable, unless expressly authorised by the legitimate holder of the rights to the content listed above. Users will also assume any liabilities that correspond thereto as a result of their behaviours or activities that, in any way, may be unlawful or detrimental to the rights of third parties or that may harm, impede or limit the use of this website by other users.

Additionally, users agree not to use the design and the source code of the website in a way that goes against the law, moral norms or public order.

Users shall be held liable for losses and/or damages of any kind that TECNATOM S.A. may incur either directly or indirectly as a result of a failure to comply with current law or with any of the obligations stemming from this website’s use.

Industrial and Intellectual Property

The domains,,,,,, and any others that include the name TECNATOM are exclusively owned thereby. Their improper use in the business/financial sphere would bring about a violation of the rights conferred through their registration and this will be prosecuted by any means provided for by law.

Unless otherwise indicated, the contents of this website and its texts, photographs, designs, logotypes, images, sounds, videos, animations, recordings, computer programs, source code, navigational layout and structure, and –in general– any intellectual creation existing on the site, as well as the site itself as a whole (as an artistic multimedia piece) are the property of TECNATOM, S.A.

Likewise, the site’s source code, design, and navigational structure are the property of TECNATOM, S.A. and said entity is the exclusive owner of the exploitation rights corresponding to the aforementioned site aspects, no matter their form – especially being the owner of the reproduction rights, distribution rights, public communication rights and rights to modify said aspects. All of the aforementioned materials are protected by intellectual property law, and their misuse may be subject to penalties which could even be criminal in nature.

The user is expressly authorised by TECNATOM, S.A. to view, print, copy or store –on his/her hard disk or on any other type of physical media– the protected intellectual creations and any other content or asset protected or not by exclusive rights that appears on the website, except for computer programs, provided that the aforementioned is done for personal, private purposes and without commercial or distribution purposes; likewise without modifying, altering or decompiling the aforementioned content. This right to personal use is understood to be acknowledged provided that the copyright and industrial property warnings made herein are upheld, and it does not imply the granting of any type of licence to the user.

Any other use of this website’s intellectual creations or content will require the express, written consent of TECNATOM, S.A.

The mere consultation or downloading of website content or of any software does not imply the transfer of any intellectual or industrial property rights in relationship therewith.

The user of this website agrees to respect the aforementioned rights and to avoid any action that could be detrimental thereto, with TECNATOM, S.A. reserving, at all times, the right to exercise any means or legal actions in defence of TECNATOM, S.A’s legitimate intellectual and industrial property right interests.

External Partners’ Industrial and Intellectual Property

Copyright ownership in relationship with articles or other types of external partner contributions made by third parties working with TECNATOM, S.A. corresponds to the respective authors. Dissemination via this website is not being undertaken for profit by TECNATOM, S.A., and it is being done in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in this Legal Notice.


The aim of the hyperlinks, or links, that appear on this website is to lead the user to other websites that are not related with Their sole purpose is to facilitate and encourage access to other sources of information online in relationship with the energy, nuclear and industrial sectors. Said linking is done without seeking any type of profit.

TECNATOM, S.A. is not to be held liable for the content that is accessed through the aforementioned links, nor for the modifications carried out thereon, nor for the use made thereof, nor for their technical availability. Likewise, TECNATOM, S.A. does not guarantee the absence of viruses or other elements therein that could alter the computer system (hardware and software), documents or files belonging to the user. Thus, any liability for damages of any kind caused to the user to this end is hereby excluded.

Nevertheless, TECNATOM, S.A. agrees to do everything possible to avoid the existence on its website of links to sites with illegal content, those that promote illegal activities, those that are racist or xenophobic or those that generally violate the principles of freedom and human dignity or violate the values and rights recognised by the Spanish Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In the event that TECNATOM, S.A. becomes aware of the fact that the information referred to by any link is inappropriate, it agrees to act with due diligence to delete or deactivate said link.

In the event that the owner of any website believes that any link established on this page may undermine in any way his/her rights or cause him/her any type of damages, he/she has only to make this known by sending an email to, or through any other means, and the link will be immediately removed or satisfactorily modified without the need to do any additional paperwork or provide any further explanations.


TECNATOM, S.A. will only use data storage and recovery files (‘Cookies’) if the user has given his/her prior consent in accordance with the provisions set forth in the window that pops up in the user’s browser when he/she first accesses the website, and in accordance with the other terms and conditions that are listed in the Cookies Policy and with which every user must become familiar.

Personal Data Protection

For more information on how your personal data is processed, please read our Privacy Policy.

Limit of Liability

Although TECNATOM, S.A. will try to offer website users the most complete, useful and updated information possible, it does not guarantee the veracity, accuracy, timeliness and operability of the contents and services published on its website. Therefore, TECNATOM, S.A. is to be held free and harmless from any liabilities that may arise as a result of any possible damages or losses of any kind that its users may incur as a result of their use of incomplete, inaccurate or outdated data. Likewise, TECNATOM, S.A. is not to be held liable for the possible suspension, cancellation or inoperability of its content or services.

Users should be aware that, at all times, their use of the contents and services on this website is at their own risk and under their sole and exclusive liability. This extends to the operability or availability of the contents or services.

In any event, TECNATOM, S.A. welcomes any type of suggestion, rectification or comment that may help to prevent or remedy any type of incident or irregularity as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Service Modification and Termination

While this website’s term is, in theory, indefinite in nature, TECNATOM, S.A. reserves the right to modify, suspend or terminate the provision of its services or content –either in whole or in part– at any time and without prior notice to users.

Term of Legal Notice

This Legal Notice’s term is indefinite in nature. Nevertheless, TECNATOM, S.A. may modify its contents at any time with the aim of adapting it to future legislative or technological changes. These modifications shall be deemed to have been properly made known to the users from the time they are published on the website, and shall enter into force at said time.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

This Legal Notice is to be governed by, and construed in accordance with, the laws of the Kingdom of Spain.

Any dispute in connection with this website or any matter governed by this Legal Notice is to be lodged before the Spanish jurisdiction, with the parties agreeing to turn to the Courts of Madrid (Spain) and any corresponding Spanish superior courts and expressly waiving their right to any other jurisdiction that may be different from those listed.

The simplest, most effective way to request any type of clarification or to formulate any type of complaint, suggestion or comment is by sending an email to